Sunday, June 29, 2014

Bound and sucking on a quiet night

These are some pics I took of Landa in September 2011, while we were staying at a friend's house for the night. I threw a couple of toys in our overnight bag, hoping to have a bit of fun after everyone else went to sleep. I managed to get a SLUT collar on her, along with a pair of velcro cuffs to hold her hands behind her back, before snapping these shots. Someday, I need to get this collar on her in public. Anyway, she's not one that enjoys having to fuck quietly, but we made do on this night.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Portland, Ron Jeremy, and BBC

In August of 2011, we traveled to Portland, Oregon and got a room downtown. We had read about a sex club that opened in '09 in the financial district that was owned by Ron Jeremy called Club Sesso. It sounded kind of cheesy, but we couldn't pass up an opportunity to at least check it out. Portland has a notoriously seedy scene, including several adult porn theaters full of public wankers and random sluts, so we had an idea of what we might be in for. Club Sesso was billed as a 'premier' and 'upscale' swingers club, however, which usually means boring. We posted a Craigslist ad seeking single guys a few days in advance, just in case old Ron couldn't deliver.

Landa wore a transparent, lace top with no bra that showed off her amazing nipples under any amount of light. She attached some beaded nipple clamps to her tits, which made for a stunning sight, especially in public. She matched that with a super short, lacy mini skirt, no panties, and sexy heels. I took some pics of her getting ready and groped her body for a few minutes in our suite, then we headed down the street in search of some fun.

We paid the cover at the door of Club Sesso and were greeted warmly by the staff. On the main floor, there was a dancing area with DJ and, not surprisingly for a Ron Jeremy affair, a large buffet of random, gross food. The people we encountered downstairs weren't what we were hoping for and it was difficult to overcome the smell of bacon, so we continued on upstairs. We found a nice bar and loft area, where several people were naked and playing, but most were just flirting and people watching. There were also a few private and semi-private rooms with some swingers inside. We talked to a few people that were nice enough, but whom Landa had no interest in fucking, until a good looking black guy approached us. He wanted to take Landa to a private room. I was happy to offer her up, but she whispered that he creeped her out. She rarely turns down an offer to bang any black guy, but he was way too schmoozy to enjoy in this setting. So she played cat and mouse with him for a bit, hoping the alcohol would delete the creep. I stepped out front to give him some room to work. It didn't help, despite his best efforts, so we escaped the club during his restroom break. We went in expecting about what we found, so we weren't too disappointed to be sneaking out the back door of the place at the end of the night. We were, however, still very horny and hopeful that we could find some sex with strangers. Back at the hotel, I took a few photos of her on a public balcony and we smoked a clove.

I checked our email for any potential matches and ended up inviting a half dozen guys over, hoping to have a little gang bang of my sexy wife. Landa asked whether she should change and I told her to wear whatever made her feel the sluttiest. She picked a black lace tank top, matching panties, and heels to answer the door in, then poured a glass of Scotch and waited.

The first guy refused to get out of his truck on the street. He texted forever, asking for photos of her to prove she was real and that he wasn't going to get robbed. He then asked that she come down to the street to meet him first. We blew him off, assuming he was too nervous to walk, let alone fuck. I still find it unreal that someone who actually gets an invite and goes through all the trouble of making it the front door, winds up in his truck jizzing himself all night. Find your balls and knock on the fucking door. Anyway, all the others but one had flaked. The only guy to show up to our room was a pudgy black guy with glasses named 'T'. He was late 30's or early 40's and nice to chat with. He had been around the scene and seemed very comfortable. They exchanged pleasantries for a few minutes on the couch, before Landa lost her shirt, took T's pants off, knelt between his legs, and took his black dick into her mouth.

After getting his dick wet for a bit, she stripped her panties off, climbed on top of him, and rubbed her clit with the head of his hard cock. She spread her legs and slipped it inside of her bareback, straddling him on the couch. She rode him like this for a few minutes, as he was pulling her body up and down his shaft, using her ass cheeks as levers. She climbed off, crawled along the floor on her hands and knees, and sucked my cock, as T got up from the couch. He told her to bend over on top of the ottoman, so he could fuck her doggy style.

She happily assumed the position on the small piece of furniture and took a pounding from behind. He slapped her ass, pulled her hair, and gave it to her like a cheap whore for several minutes, as I enjoyed the view from my chair. She came more than once and he had to pull out to keep from coming, so she crawled back to my dick and sucked it for a bit, as T collected himself.

When T was ready to resume using my wife, he told her to get on the bed and spread her legs, so he could eat her pussy out. When he was done getting a taste, he rolled her over onto her elbows and knees to fuck her from behind. I brought my cock back out and fucked her mouth at the same time for a bit. There was a large mirror across from the bed, where they could enjoy the show for themselves. It was hot seeing her get turned on, watching herself in the mirror getting railed by this stranger.

T laid down on the bed and pulled her head to his crotch, so she could suck him for a minute. Landa then crawled on top of him to ride his cock reverse cowgirl. She moaned hard in this position, coming again. He flipped her around so she was facing him and fucked her like a jack hammer, while clawing and squeezing at her tits in his face. Her asshole puckered and prolapsed with every thrust from his black dick. Her butt was so inviting and I wanted to DP her so badly, but I couldn't stop taking photos of her in action.

T tossed her body off of his to keep from coming. She rolled over, then down towards his dick again. She gently licked his balls, then gulped his entire sack into her mouth. She carefully stroked his cock with her tongue, making sure not to go too hard. As she playfully teased T, I couldn't help but lock on to her perfectly swollen asshole that was perched in the air. I rubbed it with my thumb and fingered her cunt. She pushed it higher into the air and I dove in face first, licking and penetrating both holes with my tongue. She reached around and put a hand on the back of my head, burying my nose in her ass crack, as I furiously devoured her butt. I stopped to rub some spit on my dick, then I mounted her from the rear, as she started sucking and deep throating T. I pushed my cock into her ass and buried it to the nuts on the first stroke. She moaned loudly, but it was stifled with his tool against her tonsils. I rode her butt for a few minutes, as T continued to use her mouth, till I reached the point of no return. I thought about pulling out to cum on her back, but I decided in an instant to leave it inside of her and fill her ass with my jizz for the first time. I unloaded what felt like a gallon of cream up her ass, as she squirmed and whimpered. Cumming inside of her ass was one of the best feelings I had ever had. As I slipped my dick out of her, the huge wad started pouring out of her butthole. She grabbed a towel and headed immediately to the shower. She told T she would finish him after she rinsed her ass off.

She emerged from the shower with her hair tied up and ready to suck some dick. She sucked T hard and fast, her bangs bobbing at breakneck speed. She slobbered on his cock like this forever, tirelessly jerking and slurping away, hoping to retrieve her prize. Until finally, T unloaded inside of her mouth, filling her face with his warm cum. She drank it up as quickly as she could, losing some down the shaft, then sucking it back up with her pursed lips. She continued sucking him for a minute or more, even after he came, as he convulsed and shook. She swallowed every drop of his load, licking it up off of her fingers and his crotch.

After she had given T a tongue bath, consuming all of the cum she could, she let him get up and get dressed. I pushed her back to the bed though and fucked her again. T tapped us on the back and said thanks for everything. He left as we were still humping in the bed. I came again, this time inside of her pussy. We showered, made out for a bit, then hit the hay. Ron Jeremy didn't deliver everything we had hoped for, but we still ended up finding a few orgasms that night worth writing about. T is #15 of the guys she's fucked since we've been married, for those keeping score at home.

Saturday, April 26, 2014

New miniskirt

These shots were taken in July of 2011. I picked this skirt out for Landa at a seedy little porn shop earlier in the day. I've always really gotten off on super short miniskirts. I love seeing the bottom of her ass peeking out, especially in public, but this one exceeded even my expectations of how slutty a skirt can be. It shows not only her sexy little ass, but her fat pussy as well.

She put her heavy duty nipple clamps on under her bra, sprinkled some edible, sparkly body powder on her pussy and ass, and emerged in this micro skirt to torture me in front of the camera for a bit.

Midway through her little parade, I tugged the chain connecting her clamps and ripped one from her nipple. I pushed her towards the bed and told her to re-attach it and spread her legs. I wanted to watch her play with herself for as long as I could stand it. 

She gently stroked her clit, fingered her cunt, and grabbed at her clamped tits, asking me to fuck her. So I stripped down and rolled her over on her stomach, pulling her ass into the air. I dove in face first and ate her out for quite awhile, before dipping my hard dick into her from behind. It was dripping wet, but still too tight. I prefer a looser hole to get off in, so I told her to finger bang herself some more and stretch her pussy out for me. She put a couple fingers from each of her hands up her pussy and pulled her lips apart as wide as she could, then slipped a finger up her asshole for good measure. Watching her open herself up with her face buried in the bedspread was an incredible turn on and too much to bear for long. I stood over her on the bed, tossed her arms to the side, and lowered my cock into her open target. I came a gushing load inside of her and asked her to find a place where I could see that skirt in public next time.