Sunday, April 13, 2014

BBC Kenny

By June of 2011, we took another chance on a net hookup and found Kenny the firefighter to bang my wife. The two of us spent the night bar hopping, then ended up back at our hotel room for some sexy photos. I had convinced Landa to set up her own solo profiles on sites like AFF, in order to make connections with guys directly. I made it clear how much I got off on the idea of her chatting with men all day and night without my help and setting up encounters alone. So that night, she posed for some pics to add to her new profiles.

Kenny arrived at the hotel on time and was a well built, cordial young black guy. He was much shorter than she expected and he talked a little too much, but once Landa took his dick in her mouth, they got down to business pretty well together.

They moved from the small couch to the bed, where Kenny spent quite awhile eating her pussy out. She moaned and groaned, writhing her crotch into his face for at least 20 minutes straight. She finally sat up and got his BBC back between her lips. He then put her onto her back and straddled her body in a 69. I love watching her get face fucked and one of the best ways to see it done is with a guy on top of her in a 69. It's something about the proximity of a man's ass to my princess' face, along with the sight of his ball sack shoved against her nose as he uses her mouth that really turns me on. She doesn't seem to mind it either.

After awhile of fucking her mouth, he rolled her over and mounted her bare from behind. He pumped her pussy hard from the rear and pulled her long, blonde hair. He pushed her onto her back and fucked her missionary for a long time and she started getting loud, panting and grimacing. He got her onto the floor at one point and plunged his cock back into her mouth for a bit. He ate her out, fucked her some more, then ended up using her head to get off with. He dumped a pretty decent load into her mouth and she slurped up every drop.

After trying to pose for some facial pics that didn't work, since she had eaten all of the evidence, I banged her for a few minutes and unloaded inside of her pussy. With my creampie flowing out of her, she and Kenny made out on the bed for several minutes. They both cleaned up separately, then Kenny took off. It wasn't a barn burner of a night, but we got a long awaited fix nonetheless. It was at this time that I really started keeping track of and getting off on the number of guys she had fucked since we got married. The number game was and still is a huge turn on for me. Kenny was #14.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

2011 begins

After the 4th gang bang at the very end of 2010, we decided to move out of the city and we did some traveling. This slowed us down a bit, so we didn't have much bedroom fun the first half of 2011. By May, we were pent up pretty well and needed a release. We made plans with a guy from the net, but he flaked. So instead, I took Landa out for some drinks and we enjoyed our hotel room to ourselves downtown. She changed from her cute black dress into a sexy surprise outfit, crotchless panties, panty hose, garter, and new nipple clamps. These are a few of the pics from that night.

Monday, March 24, 2014

4th BBC gangbang

Six months had passed since Hotwife Landa's 3rd BBC gangbang and she was more than ready to do it again by the time the middle of October 2010 rolled around. The first three gangbangs were just two and three months apart, so she had a lot more time to fantasize about and make nasty plans for the 4th. We again planned a trip to San Francisco to meet Ron and the Crew, but she requested that there be some new meat to play with. She also requested that there be some more aggressive men at this party, because she was getting off more and more with rough sex. And to add to the debaucherous weekend, we invited Rasheed to make the trip with us. We agreed to pick Rasheed up at his place and make the hour and a half drive to the Bay together. Landa had a couple shots of vodka before we walked out the door to get herself loosened up for a long ride in my truck. Midway through the trip, I nudged her to hop into the backseat with Rasheed. She asked if he wanted a blowjob to make the trip more fun and he happily accepted. It was quite a thrill watching her bob on his giant black dick in the backseat of my truck, which has no tint on the windows, flying down I-80 in broad daylight for 45 minutes straight. How he didn't blow his wad, I don't know, but I'm glad he was able to restrain himself till the sun went down. We arrived at the weird little hotel and checked into our suite around dinnertime, before making plans for the evening.

We decided we'd all go out for some sushi and take some public exhibitionism photos of Miss Landa to start the night off. Landa rummaged through her bags for some slutty clothes to wear out then modeled a few nastier ensembles for the two of us in the suite. She got Rasheed worked up again by appearing from the bathroom in a cheap looking, black vinyl 'dress' (if you could call it that). It was basically a tiny bikini top attached to the shortest mini-skirt you've ever seen by a short length of material across her stomach, something one would find along the back wall of a seedy adult shop. She also had on a matching black vinyl g-string, which vanished between the cheeks of her ass. Rasheed couldn't handle that sight very long, so sitting in a chair in the corner, he pulled his hard tool from his jeans and began to stroke it. Landa immediately knelt in front of him to worship his BBC, moaning as she snatched it with both hands and lips at once. She made love to his dick with her mouth for several minutes, licking it from base to tip, gently sucking each of his balls, lifting his sack to tease his ass with her tongue, then swallowing the whole giant shaft like a whore. She furiously rubbed her entire pussy from top to bottom as she was giving Rasheed head. It was obvious that she was getting as much pleasure from it as he was, when he tried pulling her face from his crotch and she fought his hands to keep sucking.

He grabbed Landa's arms and yanked her towards him, so he could suck on her tits for a second, before finally pulling her body on top of his in the chair. Her pussy juices made nasty noises as he slipped his bare cock completely into her drenched hole while she sat on him. She began riding him cowgirl style as I managed a couple of cameras, along with my own pulsating dick. He stood up abruptly, clutching her body onto his with his massive cock still buried inside of her as walked to the couch next to them. He put her on her back with her legs pointing up into the air and plunged even deeper inside of her pussy as she howled out in a wild, low tone as if she was possessed with his dick.

He slowed for a moment and told her that he wasn't ready to cum. She thought he meant that he was finished for awhile, so she stood up from the couch, but he immediately grabbed her from behind and pushed her back into the cushions. As she was bent over, Rasheed quickly entered her doggystyle and her knees literally buckled. Rear entry allowed for even greater penetration and her poor little twat wasn't prepared for his 10" from that angle. He pulled her back up by the ass and fucked her even harder for nearly a minute, before she collapsed into the couch panting. So he jumped back on top of my wife, rolled her onto her back once again, then plunged his cock back inside of her as she bit her lip and squinted her eyes. This assault continued for 15 or 20 minutes, before Rasheed rolled off of her in a heap. She laughed a bit and wiped the tears from her eyes, then knelt before him again to fill her mouth with his dick. He pumped his cock against her tonsils. Finally, I chimed in and told them to wrap it up so that we could get to dinner, take some sexy public shots, then get to the real party. They kissed and laughed, before getting themselves cleaned up again.

She sobered up well and emerged in a pair of tall black heels, black fishnets and garter, and her short black dress with the plunging neckline. She grabbed a coat to fight the wind and we headed out to eat. After we were through eating, I stepped outside the restaurant and took some pics of her through the large window she was sitting in front of. She spread her legs wide as she talked with Rasheed and exposed her pussy to the city from her dinner table.

We paid the bill and headed back to the hotel, so that Landa could change again. She wanted to take more public shots, but she decided to wear something even more revealing. She chose the shortest mini skirt she owns, the same black fishnets and garter, sexy heels, and a completely see through white lace top. The best part of her outfit was what was missing from it...the underwear. With her tits completely exposed and the bottom of her bare ass falling out of her micro skirt, she took Rasheed's hand and left the hotel for the city streets. She exposed her body at store fronts, ATM's, busy intersections, anywhere she might get seen. I wanted to fuck her right there on the sidewalk, as did the several passers-by who got eyefuls of my wife's perfect body. After all that excitement, Landa decided it was time for the plenty of cock that had been awaiting her phone call for months. We retreated to the suite, mixed a few drinks, and waited for the rest of the guys to show up.

The guys this time were Ron and Kevin (who had each made appearances inside of my wife at the 3 previous gangbangs), along with newcomers Vic and Mojeed (two well-dressed Africans from the Ivory Coast). I again requested that the guys get aggressive and rough with my wife and they didn't disappoint. After a few pleasantries, Kevin whipped his giant cock out through his open zipper and began rubbing it against Landa's pussy while making out with her. Mo immediately cuddled up to her rear and tried getting his dick in her ass, just minutes after meeting her. Kevin was already inside the front door, however, and they couldn't get their cocks lined up well enough to DP her while standing upright. So they quickly settled for her on her back, where all of them would have a fair shot at using her body.

Once on the bed, Kevin railed her missionary style for a bit with his bare 10 incher while Mo got his equally massive dick wet in her mouth. Kevin backed out and gave Mo a shot at her eager cunt and Vic got into the action up top. After a couple of quick sucks, he buried his dick into the back of her throat, pinning her head against the mattress hard. She tried to soften his blow with her hands, but he was too big and forceful. And if that wasn't enough to show her what she was there for, he held her nose shut with two fingers as he buried his weight down onto her face. She gagged and coughed with this stranger's balls squishing her cheek, before he let up. Seeing her get used so roughly, so quickly, was a huge turn on. This guy definitely read the pre-game notes.

After that, the men got very excited and Landa's body was tossed around the bed like a blow up doll. All of the guys took turns inside of her mouth and pussy bareback, while on top of and behind her. They pulled her little tits from her sexy lace top and groped them hard. They laughed every time she grimaced as one of the giant cocks pierced her cervix. They tossed her onto the floor and back onto the bed. They played with her pink asshole, slapped her erect clit, and called her their slut. It was difficult for me to keep from cumming all over myself more than once, watching her get assaulted with black cock like this.

She called for Rasheed more than once, knowing that he would fuck her more gently than the rest. He took over for a few minutes at a time, making love to her pussy and kissing her on the mouth deeply. But the others would grow restless and force her into more compromising positions. Rasheed was patient though, knowing that he had her body all night, even after the other's had left.

Vic was the first to cum. He was beating her pussy up doggystyle then quickly pulled out and rushed his cock up to her mouth, where he blew a thick load all over her lips. She licked it up and posed for a few pictures, before spreading her legs for Kevin to fill her back up.

Big Kev dove her into her with force from behind, as Landa yelled out and grabbed a fistful of the sheets, bearing down on the painful pleasure. She sucked a couple of dicks blindly in between gasps, until Mo was ready to cum. Kevin pulled out, so that she could roll onto her back and catch a good angle towards Mo's pulsating cock. He pulled her head close and blasted a load of jizz all over and into her waiting mouth, as she slurped it up like liquid candy.

Kevin hopped right back into my tired whore and pounded her from on top, as she held on for the ride. Two big, random loads of cum were pouring down her face as she begged for Kevin to add his own to her collection. He pulled out at the last second, losing some jizz along her smooth thigh, and shot off a wad into her lips and onto her tits. Someone offered her a towel, but I politely declined for her. I wanted her beautiful face to slowly melt into a cum drenched mess.

After watching the 3 loads dry on my wife's face and body, Ron began fingering her stretched out pussy and jerking off. He asked her how it felt to be a slut for BBC and she just moaned and took his dick into her mouth. He quickly shot off a big load onto her puckered lips, adding the 4th wad of cum to her face.

Finally, Rasheed walked up stroking his rock hard dick, wanting to get in on the fun. He grabbed a handful of her tiny titty and played with her nipples. She asked for him to cum and he did almost immediately thereafter, adding a 5th layer of icing to her well used face.

Kevin, Mo, and Vic took off, thanking us for our hospitality. Landa posed for a series of facial photos, then hopped into the shower to rinse off. While our night should have ended there, we were still horned up and ready to keep going. Ron gave her a 'Crew Slut' cum towel to keep and asked her to pose with some of her bondage gear on. She agreed and donned her 'SLUT' collar, ball gag, and nipple clamps for him to enjoy. I finally got some action too by licking her pussy for at least 10 or 15 minutes. Even with just my tongue, I could feel how warm and loose she was from the night's abuse.

After a few more minutes of fucking around, Ron decided to take off, leaving me with my wife and Rasheed for the rest of the night. By this time, it was probably 1 or 2 in the morning. But in SF, that's still early. Landa put some fishnets on with a garter belt and posed for my camera for a bit, gently playing with herself. She's proven time and again that she really truly is a nymphomaniac. Not only would most women not sign up for a gang bang in the first place, they certainly wouldn't still be horny after it was done. She reminded me again that night what a lucky guy I really am to be married to such an insatiable slut.

After she was through rolling around on the bed and putting on a show for Rasheed and I, I asked them to pose for some bondage shots. Some of the sexiest pics online that I can recall jerking off to were of black men holding white, married women in some form of submission. I wanted to re-create that for myself, with my own wife. She put her slutty vinyl 'dress' back on, but this time she complimented it with a ball gag, dog collar with leash, and leather blindfold. The pics I took afterwards are still some of my favorites to this day.

After I was done setting them up for these pics, Rasheed and I stripped her naked again and took turns fucking her mouth on her back. She took both of our cocks in her mouth at once at one point, while furiously jerking herself off. We both came all over her, but were still ready for more.

We all took a shower together, with Rasheed and I soaping her up from head to toe. We took turns at either end of her again, one fucking her from behind while the other got sucked, as she bent over. The shower lasted about half hour and I dumped another load deep inside of her pussy. Once we were dried off, we decided that we were going out. Since none of the bars were open, we agreed to check out the Power Exchange, a notoriously seedy SF sex club. Landa got dolled up again and we each took a couple shots of Scotch, then hailed a cab for the shittiest part of town. Rasheed had never been to a sex club, so he was really (unrealistically) excited to be going. Once inside, we found a lot of crusty old men, a few unpassable trannies, and a couple of overweight women. There was one smoking hot girl downstairs getting flogged, while tied to a St Andrews cross. We were surprised to find Ron there lurking the hallways too. We talked for a bit, watched some people jerk off as they watched us, then cruised the halls one last time. Landa was turned off by the smell of the place more than anything, so we decided to take it back to the hotel for our last hurrah.

Rasheed smoked a joint and Landa got naked. She got him hard as I watched from the window, smoking a cigarette and sipping my Scotch, expecting the sun to start rising any moment. Rasheed quickly checked out mentally and was relaxing on his back on the bed, but his cock was still rock hard. Landa climbed on top of him as he closed his eyes. As she slowly rode him, she told me to come closer, so I did. She told me to come closer, until I was on the bed. She told me that she wanted me in her ass. She was still smiling and still riding Rasheed slowly and intentionally, arching her back so that her ass was pointing out at me. I gave her a perplexed look (as I was stripping my clothes) and she told me that she wanted her first DP. Before she could utter another word, I was standing on the bed over her ass, crouching down for a good angle. I fumble fucked around for a minute, trying to get it inside of her. It wasn't as easy as I thought it would be, but her ass is extremely tight and Rasheed's dick is extremely huge. I got the tip in as she sat totally still with his cock buried deep into her pussy. I felt like I was going to explode at that moment, but also that it was just too tight of a squeeze to keep going. She pulled my body towards her ass in an instant, forcing my entire dick inside of her. She whimpered and lowered her whole body onto his. It was so ridiculously tight that it's hard to put into writing, but he was filling her pussy so full that there was barely any room in her butt to work. But there I was, hunched over my well used wife, with my cock buried to the nuts in her ass, while she was getting fucked by the biggest black dick I'd ever seen in real life. Rasheed was still and stoned, but his dick was at full attention as she backed into both of us at the same time. She came harder and louder and longer than I had ever heard her cum before. It was the hottest fuck of my life, but I could only last a few minutes. I started cumming inside of her ass, then pulled out and shot the rest of my massive load onto her back and into her hair. I collapsed into her jizz covered back as she kept on riding Rasheed until she came one last time. We rolled off together and climbed under the covers. Rasheed stayed asleep next to us as the sun started peeking through the window blinds. It was a long, wild night that we paid for dearly the next day, but it only fueled our fire for this lifestyle even more going forward.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Misc Photos from 2010

Before I close out 2010 in Hotwife Landa's slut chronology (the final 2010 entry will be the best so far by the way), I'm going to post a collection of photos taken throughout that year of Miss Landa to fill in the gaps a bit. These two pics were taken on New Years Eve of 2010. I dare anyone to find a finer and more fuckable piece of ass than this...

These body stocking pics were taken February 1st of 2010. I fucked her ass for nearly an hour that night. I love how big her pussy looks in these shots. I could suck on it for days...

These two shots were taken on Valentine's Day of 2010. I came inside of her twice that night.

These were taken mid-April 2010, about 6 months after she bought this leather corset. She thought it made her look like a dominatrix when she first tried it on, but I assured her that it made her look way more like a high end prostitute. That was enough for her to drop the $120 on it. Enjoy the view that countless other men have enjoyed in the past...

These are from a self taken series of photos that she produced early May 2010 while I was away. She took dozens of them and assembled her favorites into a calendar for my 3rd anniversary gift. She had it printed at the local Walgreens and the photo clerks have always been real happy to see her ever since. Look how deceivingly innocent she looks in the first shot and contrast with her other side in the last pic...long, lean, with an ass built for rough fucking. What a lucky cuck I am.