Friday, November 20, 2015

BBC Threesome

About a month after the last gangbang, we put a late night ad up for young BBC and got 2 guys to show up. Cordell, who had fucked my wife once before, and a new guy (#27) named Marcus. Landa wore a small black nighty and heels. Marcus arrived first and met Landa in our bedroom. He seemed a bit nervous, but very excited to have this married MILF all to himself for a bit. They made out for a minute, before Marcus started finger banging her, as she sat on his lap. He dove into her pussy face first and ate her out for a minute, before pulling his hairy black dick out of his jeans.

Landa knelt on all fours on the bed, as Marcus fucked her face while fingering her. She jerked and sucked hard like she always does, making him moan loudly. Within just a minute or two, he exploded inside of her mouth, filling her throat with his jizz. She was surprised obviously, but didn't miss a lick, swallowing every drop. She smiled and shrugged, assuming he was done prematurely. But he was horny enough to get hard again instantly and told her to bend over for him.

He fucked her doggystyle on the bed and again with her on top of him. The doorbell rang, so I went to let Cordell in. I came back to Marcus with his dick in my wife's mouth again.

Cordell stripped down immediately and took advantage of my wife's gaping pussy in front of him, as Marcus continued drilling her face. Marcus pressed her head to the bed with one hand to keep her mouth in the position he wanted it in and Cordell pounded her roughly with her legs in the air. They rolled her up onto all fours again and stuck her with dick in each end, furiously banging both holes at once.

The men flipped her around and traded holes. After just a few pumps in her pussy, Marcus unloaded another blast of cum while inside of her. Cordell forced her head down to his balls, burying his cock into her tonsils, as Marcus got dressed and left.

Cordell rolled my slut wife onto her back and abused her pussy from the top, roughly fucking her missionary style for a long time. She sprawled her legs and cried out loudly. He threw her legs over his shoulders and continued pounding away even harder. Landa's asshole was pushing out nicely with every deep thrust he gave to her.

He took a break from using her pussy and laid down on his back. Landa crawled to his cock and started sucking it deep, with her ass perched high in the air. She caressed and licked his balls, letting his sack rest on her nose for a bit. He came close to orgasm and pushed her face away from his dick and told her to turn around so he could fuck her again.

He buried his cock deep into her from behind, punishing her with every stroke. He lasted for a few minutes inside of her, before blowing his load. It was a fulfilling late night snack for her, but she was still ready for more. After both men were gone, I cuffed and blindfolded her. I mounted her face upside down on the bed and came down her throat, her 4th load of the evening. She continued playing with her pussy while blindfolded for another half hour or so, before finally calling it a night. 

Sunday, September 6, 2015

5th BBC gangbang

By August of 2013, it had been over a year since my wife had been fucked by a man other than her own husband. We had moved, endured some extended family issues, and dealt with work changes. It was by far the longest stretch of time in our marriage that we had gone without any new men fucking Landa. So when the opportunity finally arose, we organized a small BBC gangbang to get back into business. It would end up being the 1st of 5 total gang bangs she'd have over just the next 3 months, so she definitely made up for lost time (and cocks).

We got ready in our hotel room, then went out for some drinks to loosen her up. When we got back, she changed into nothing but a black lace bra, matching boy short panties, and a pair of sexy heels. I took some photos of her looking slutty, before the black strangers arrived.

Five men met me in the lobby bar downstairs. One of them turned out to be Lamont, a guy we had played with in the past, but neither of us knew who we were talking to until he actually arrived. The other four guys included a very well built young man named Terrelle, a mid-40's guy named Darrel, an overweight and ugly bastard who was trying hard to be Suge Knight (whose actual name escapes me), and finally Jason, a nice guy we met through Twitter and SLS. These four men would be #'s 23, 24, 25, & 26 to fuck my wife, since we got married (as Lamont would get his pussy sequel). Upon arrival to the room, they put Landa on her back on the bed, stripped her panties off, and put her mouth to work immediately.

From there, it was a free for all of fucking and sucking. She instantly looked at home with a gang of dicks surrounding her face. They put her on all fours and traded stabs at her pussy and mouth. They attacked her with cocks, tagging each other in and out in a circle around her, as she came several times. She was buried in cock from all directions for the next several hours, so the play by play is pretty tough to recount. The best description for parties like this comes in the form of pictures anyway, in my opinion. Every man came either on her face or on her ass that night. It was exciting to see her back in form, getting tossed around like a cheap whore from cock to cock. And it certainly reignited our desire to make nights like this one a priority.