Monday, August 8, 2011

Beginning of a cuck marriage

Hello and welcome to Hotwife Landa's new blog. For those of you reading that didn't follow the old blog, let me give a brief background on us. This is the hubby writing. My wife is Landa. We are a white, married, couple in Northern California that has been swinging for a few years. I am 29 years old and she is now 31. In December of 2008, we decided to try our first MFM encounter. Since then, nearly all of our extramarital sexual fun has been with other men. I am pleased to identify myself as a very kinky cuckold and her as a complete slut hotwife. Our experiences since that first, timid MFM have gotten pretty wild and exciting. I will primarily use this blog to chronicle her evolution from a typical housewife into an insatiable whore.

When we first ventured out into the lifestyle, we were shy and unsure of what we wanted. We went to a sex club in San Francisco called Twist, where we spent most of that first night hovering around the dance floor, nervously sipping our drinks. We eventually made our way upstairs to where the action was. It was a small floor, cramped, dark, with a low ceiling and hot with bodies. After making a couple of rounds upstairs, we got comfortable on the open backed, round couch in the center of the room, next to another couple who were already naked. Quickly, our clothes had dropped to the ground and we were fucking in 'public' for the first time. It was extremely erotic to us then just to be able to see other people watching us make love to each other. From there, we checked out the local ‘house party’ scene and were pretty uninterested with what we found. It was mostly middle aged, out of shape, obnoxious people at these particular house parties. We tried getting drunk enough to have a good time every time we went, but it just wasn’t clicking for us. At $50-$150 per night, per house party (just to get in the door of someone’s cheesy suburban home), the scene wasn’t adding up for us in any direction locally.

So we continued our short weekend trips to the Bay, where our particular scene seemed to lie. We got more courageous at Twist. Landa made out with a big-titted, good looking, black woman, who was riding her muscular, well-hung, black husband (and while I was pumping Landa from behind). We began letting other people touch us while we had sex next to them, which made us both come quickly and vigorously. But then, after the novelty of our exhibitionism wore off, we hit a bit of a roadblock at this club, realizing that most of the people in the club were not on our priority list to touch, hump, or anything otherwise. They served a valuable purpose for us and that was to open the gates of the lifestyle to us, let us fuck in a safe, public environment, and whet our appetites for more hardcore experiences.

After getting bored with the clubs, we joined a couple of different swinging websites and exchanged dozens (if not hundreds) of notes with other local couples. The problem, however, is that almost all of these couples apparently don’t actually want to meet in person. Most, it seems, are still curious about the lifestyle and whether they want to be a part of it. We, on the other hand, were certain that we did and were getting tired of the fakes and flakes wasting our time. After a few months, we had nearly given up on the scene altogether. It was then (December 2008) that I posted our first ad to Craiglist. It was a MW4MW ad, seeking another couple. We got a few responses from couples, but none of them panned out. However, we got even more responses from single men, which we had never really talked much about until all of those emails came flooding in from local swinging dicks.

We both him hawed around the idea of adding just another man to the mix, both pretending to be generally curious but not overwhelmingly interested. While in reality, that was really what I wanted all along – to see my beautiful bride getting fucked by another man. I was shy about the idea though and still held my own insecurities. My old jealous ways couldn’t stand the thought of her actually wanting to be with a man other than me, but my desires and fantasies wouldn’t allow me to let go of the idea. She was equally shy in the beginning, not wanting to hurt my feelings or find herself saying something that she would regret later. It was a difficult time for us honestly, but our debaucherous minds pressed on, pushing the boundaries of our marriage and the limits that we had set for ourselves. So we made the call to a local white guy, 30-something, tall and Irish. His name is Ryan and we’ve met him since that first encounter at the end of 08.

We invited him over to the hotel room that we had rented just a few miles from where we lived. We had been out drinking all night and were feeling courageous. Landa was dressed in a sexy black nighty when he came to the door. It was his first time with a couple, he told us, and it was pretty obvious that he wasn’t lying about that. He was nervous and half drunk, helping us waste lots of time chit chatting about the weather, sports, where we were from, etc. Finally, Landa took matters into her own hands and began making out with him in the living room of our suite. Before I knew it, she was on the floor on all fours getting nailed by this stranger from behind. I quickly took my dick out of my jeans and had just gotten the tip wet with her tongue when Ryan began grunting and cumming. He lasted maybe 3 minutes inside of my wife, before filling her pussy with his cum. As short lived as it was, I was aroused beyond even my own expectation. He was all apologies, then quickly faded into the background, as we fucked and sucked vigorously for hours. When he left, I tied my bride’s hands behind her back and wrapped bondage tape around her eyes. I surprised her pussy from behind with a huge black dildo that I bought for her. I beat her ass red with my hands, jammed my raging hard cock up her ass, then gave her the biggest facial she had ever had. It was the wildest night of sex we had ever had and it left us wanting only more. But even after that first MFM, I couldn't have forecasted what would become of my sweet little housewife in the months and years ahead.