Sunday, August 7, 2011

Contact Hotwife Landa

Miss Landa's online presence has grown steadily since we expanded the limits of our marriage a few years back. She's got a few online profiles that she manages directly, but I have always done the vast majority of her online dirty work. Until now, however, she hasn't her own email address that wasn't too sensitive to share with her fans, lifestyle friends, and lovers. With the beginning of my new blog, she decided that it was time to become more accessible to the small group of people that follow her regularly. So if you have a hookup proposition, a letter of adoration, or random dick pics you want to share with Landa directly, now you can! - spammers will be sexually assaulted with rusty garden tools, shot in the balls with a blow dart, hanged, drowned, then shot again, just for good measure. :)

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