Monday, August 8, 2011

The First BBC

Ryan served as part of an experiment for us, to help us discover 1) whether swinging without another woman was going to be satisfying and 2) whether I could tolerate the reality of my wife taking on new male lovers. The result of this experiment was 1) yes, absolutely satisfying for many reasons and, 2) yes, I could not only tolerate but thoroughly enjoy my wife’s new found sexual freedom, while I simply watched. I didn’t know yet what a cuckold was and she didn’t know what a hotwife was, but we were most definitely falling into those roles quickly, with or without the proper nomenclature attached. We still called ourselves ‘swingers’ and to this day we still consider ourselves ‘swingers’. However, for us, swinging happens very infrequently. Instead, we choose to further explore our cuck/hotwife desires by almost always only adding other men to our marital bed. Perhaps someday swinging by it’s strict definition will be a thing of the past for us, but we haven’t completely closed that door just yet. We still hold out hope that there must be at least ONE couple in our area that we will find attractive, in and out of the bedroom. But until that mysterious and elusive couple appears, we will continue diving into the cuckold lifestyle without regret.

The title of this post is ‘The First BBC’. I say ‘The First’ because there have been several since and there will be countless more in the future. But the first BBC for my wife belongs to a young black guy that we met on Craigslist named Marty. We met Marty just one week after our first MFM with Ryan. He was one of dozens of local guys that answered our latest ad. We never spoke about adding a black guy to the mix, but when she saw his photos in that first email, I could tell that she was more than interested. He was physically defined, light skinned, late 20′s, with a big smile and an even bigger dick. He met us at our favorite club downtown, where Landa and him hit it off right away. They danced, we drank, then it came time to find a cab and head back to the hotel.

It didn’t take long for Landa to slip out of her sexy, silver dress and into nothing more than a pair of panties, a pair of stockings, and a slutty red garter belt. Marty was immediately all over her, making out with her and fingering her perfect pussy. She pulled his cock from his pants and went to town. The sight of her swallowing a big black dick instantly sent sparks through my brain and I’ve never been sexually the same since. The contrast between her red lipped, beautiful white face and his fat, black cock is something that isn’t easily forgotten. Watching a man in better shape than me, with more stamina, and with a bigger dick take reign over my wife is a beautiful, erotic, nasty, and consuming thing. It wasn’t long before he had her bent over on the floor, just as Ryan had her only a week earlier, fucking her hard from behind. It was extremely apparent to us after Landa was done sucking the cum from his cock and Marty had headed home that the MFM aspect was going to work out very well for both of us.

Less than a month had passed when we met Marty for the 2nd time. So in just one month's time, Landa went from a semi-timid, semi-swinger to getting fucked 3 times by 2 different men. If I had the illusion of being in any sort of control at that point, I was most certainly mistaken. My wife's new calling in life as a dirty slut had been taken to heart and there was no turning back. This time, we skipped the club and had Marty meet us at the hotel. We all shot the shit for a bit, then feeling a bit of hesitancy in the air, I warmed things up by pulling Landa’s tits from her lingerie, while she was lying on the bed next to her new lover. Marty quickly joined in and gave her perky tits some love, then began finger fucking her roughly.

I was trying to keep out of it for the most part, but was getting very sexually frustrated watching them pet, kiss, and stroke for so long. I pulled Landa to her knees on the bed and plunged my cock into her mouth. Marty continued finger banging her from behind, until I backed off, then he finally got completely naked and entered her pussy bareback doggy-style. They fucked for a bit on the bed, then Landa rolled him onto his back and began furiously sucking him off. At one point, he tried pulling his cock away from her mouth, so that the night wouldn’t end early. She was relentless though and only sucked harder, deeper, and faster, until he erupted inside of her waiting mouth. She never stopped sucking, even as he was convulsing and cumming. She swallowed up every drop of his jizz, then wiped her lips with her hand and gave a smile. It was amazing to watch. I had never witnessed my wife suck cock with so much lust and fury. It was too much for me at that point, I couldn’t hold back. I gave Marty the camera that I had been holding all night and pullled Landa’s head to the edge of the bed, where I pumped the biggest load of cum I had shot in my life all over her face. Another man's presence added to our night in great ways, taking our sex life to new heights yet again.