Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Meeting Rasheed

After the last experience with Ryan, we decided to search for a new black guy to hook up with. Landa swore off white guys or so she said. Marty was still flaking on our bi-weekly plans to get together. I was certain that he had found a girlfriend or someone equally demanding of his time. Regardless, neither of Landa’s previous 2 lovers were an option heading into Summer of 09. So in late July, I posted a new ad to the ‘casual encounters’ section of Craigslist, very specifically seeking a single black guy interested in becoming my wife's 3rd fuck buddy. Again, we received dozens of responses from local men, most of whom didn’t meet even the most basic criteria laid out in the ad. It came down to 3 guys that seemed to fit the bill. I forwarded the emails from these 3 lucky souls to my wife, in order for her to make the final decision. When she saw Rasheed’s pic, she mentioned that she thought he looked kind of like a young Michael Jackson. He was only 21 and had a 9″ BBC. He was her guy.

Being so young, one would expect a guy like Rasheed to be short on expendable income. However, I ended up having to pay for his cab fare from Arden to our downtown suite (about $50). I also paid for the 1/2 bottle of Louis Jadot that he eventually swilled, while waiting for Landa to emerge from the bathroom, along with his cab ride home at the end of the night. In hindsight, maybe the round trip taxi fees were a little weird, but I remind myself of how aloof and immature Rasheed was and I’m able to convince myself not to feel like we ‘paid for sex’, which would be awfully lame. I can say, however, that the looks from the cabbie that dropped Rasheed off and picked him up made me feel like a perverted old man! These tidbits will only be more comical to you as you get to know Rasheed more in future blogs, by the way. Anyway, back to July 25, 2009. Before Rasheed somehow convinced me to foot his bill for the evening, Landa and I had gone out dancing and drinking most of the night. We were both pretty hammered when Landa agreed to take some exhibitionist photos around the hotel. I got some extremely sexy shots of her crawling through the hallways with her tits exposed, stripping in the elevator, and posing on the balcony with her ass hanging out for the city to see. 

We made our way back to the room, took some more candid photos, then arranged our deal with Rasheed. While he and I were sitting on the couch drinking and discussing school, Landa appeared around the corner from the bathroom, where she had gotten herself done up. She changed out of her revealing, ultra short, black mini-dress and into a stunning lingerie combo of matching black panties, bra, stockings, and garter, with small pink bows and bra straps. She was still wearing her open toed, black heels and her hair and makeup were perfect. She looked sexy as all hell, but classy and presentable (even though she was only in lingerie). Landa is an amazing girl in many aspects; being able to pull off slutty/classy when she wants to is one of them.

Rasheed’s face lit up at the sight of her. He immediately got to his feet and inspected her from a safe distance, remarking on how hot she looked from every angle. He took his shirt off and sat on the bed, while I snapped a few more shots of her in her new attire. That lasted about 10 seconds before Rasheed had enough. He walked her to the edge of the bed and pushed her down, then mounted her in his jeans. They made out passionately for a long time, probably 5 minutes straight. Landa loves to make out, kiss, pet, lick as much as anyone, but she doesn’t really qualify making out alone as adequate ‘foreplay’. She needs at least minimal attention to be paid to her pussy while making out or she grows impatient quickly. She suddenly pulled away from Rasheed’s face and stripped him of the rest of his clothes. She took control of him, rolling him onto his back to gain access to his massive, black cock that she grabbed and sucked without hesitation. This was the 2nd black dick that I had seen her with, but his was aesthetically more impressive than Marty’s and caused a new reaction in my mind. With Marty, there were lingering doubts and feelings of jealousy and inferiority in the back of my head. But with Rasheed, there was none of that. I think because Rasheed’s cock was so picturesque and seemingly built for porn, nearly cartoon like, that I didn’t feel the same complex. There was everything to be envious of, don’t get me wrong, but watching my wife enjoy it only made me feel happy for her in the same way that she would feel for me if I got to drive an Indy car down I-5 for the day. Marty’s cock, however, while still very big, wasn’t ‘Mandingo’ huge and, therefore, allowed questions about what must be his superior love-making ability to creep into my mind. Anyway, I guess what I’m saying is that Rasheed had a seriously massive cock and watching my wife handle it was very stimulating, but in a new way. She deep throated it, gagged on it, and stroked it for a bit, before crawling up Rasheed’s body and mounting him cowgirl style. When he first entered her, Landa was sitting upright. By the 2nd thrust, she had collapsed onto his chest, head over shoulder, hanging on tight. The moans she uttered were intense and new. Amazingly, she never sounded as if she was in any pain, but perhaps the excess of booze played a role in that. Nonetheless, he was filling her up in a way that I had never seen before.

After pounding away at her for several minutes like that, he rolled her on to her back and penetrated her missionary style. She called me over to them and she pointed to her mouth, meaning that she needed something to suck on. Having been stroking away at myself, I was happy to oblige. She tilted her head back and swallowed my entire cock in one gulp, while still getting fucked hard by Rasheed on the other end. He was about to cum, so he pulled his bare cock from her slippery pussy and began eating her out. Almost immediately, she stopped sucking me, but left my dick in her mouth. That’s usually a good sign that she likes whatever is going on down there. I decided to take a break, so that I could enjoy the show further. He continued tasting her pussy as he tossed her onto her hands and knees on the bed. After taking a detour with his tongue to her asshole for a bit, he slid his huge cock inside of her again from the rear. Still showing no sign of pain, even with the deepest penetration, Landa took 2 handfuls of the bed sheet and gladly went along for his ride. He stopped again, this time to put her back on top of him reverse-cowgirl style. She rode him like that for less than a minute before fluids came gushing out all over their legs and all over the bed. It was too much to be his cum and he wasn’t making any unique sounds anyway. Landa, on the other hand, was howling like mad, making noises I hadn’t heard before. I was too drunk at the time to realize it, but after watching the video the next day, it was obvious that she had squirted! That was the first time in her life that she had ever squirted from her pussy. It’s a remarkable thing to see in that video clip honestly, something that I had only heard of before my wife was gushing pussy juice all over this strange black kid’s balls. She kept riding him beyond her orgasm for awhile, before rolling off of him for a breather, a sip of wine, and a big smile.

Once she had caught her breath, Landa laid down on the bed and put her ass in the air on display, which quickly attracted Rasheed’s attention. He mounted her from behind again and jammed his raging hard-on deep inside of her bareback. Again, he pulled out to save his load, laid down behind her, and pulled her on top of himself. Watching them 69 was nothing less than beautiful. It was the picture perfect event for an interracial fetishist cuckold like me. My immediate urge was to find a hole to put my cock in, but I resisted that urge. Part of me didn’t want to interrupt them, but part of me made a conscious decision to do the ‘cuck thing’ and keep my relatively small, white dick to myself. Regardless of how hard I tried to extend my pleasure, I was unable to keep myself from jerking off at that point. I pathetically came hard and with almost no effort all over myself while standing away from the bed, as my bride continued deep throating Rasheed’s cock while sitting on his face. However, after a few more minutes of sucking him off, Landa made the abrupt decision to end the fun. She had too much to drink that night (as did I) and wasn’t feeling it anymore. There are only a couple of other nights in the several years that I have been with her that Landa was ‘too drunk to fuck’. Unfortunately for Rasheed, this eventually became one of those rare occasions. I called his cab back to the hotel, Rasheed and Landa kissed, and I escorted him back down to the lobby with cash in hand. He tried apologizing, but I insisted that he had done nothing wrong and that we would most definitely call him again soon.


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