Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Ryan's last date

The last time Landa fucked Ryan was in June of 09. That meeting was unique because we decided to invite Ryan to our home, something we had never done before. Ryan is a harmless guy, someone that we could trust knowing where we lived, and a guy Landa was considering as a full time lover. It not only saved us some dough on a hotel room, but it was another exciting chapter in our quickly evolving lifestyle choice. The idea of knowing and trusting a guy well enough to potentially use my wife at any moment of the day (with or without me), simply because he knows where to find her, was and is very exciting to me. Expecting the Ryan of a month earlier to show up, instead we got the Ryan from 7 months earlier. He was obviously drunk when he walked into my open garage. He continued his night of drinking in my kitchen, even though she was dressed sexily right in front of him. I told her to escort him upstairs, hoping to move the evening along. I remained downstairs for a bit, hoping to walk in on a similar scene as I had in the past with her and Marty. After smoking in the garage, I crept up the stairs, not wanting to disturb them. I peered around the corner of the landing and could see her on her back on the bed with his face buried in her pussy. I snapped a couple of photos without them knowing, then finally made myself known through the door.

After he was done eating her out, she returned the favor by gobbling up his dick. She sucked him on the bed, then on the floor, while he stood over her. I got some great photos, but those pics don’t illustrate how hard she was having to work to keep him erect. The alcohol had taken it’s toll and was only going to get worse. He tried fucking her bare from all angles, but he was too sloppy to keep it together for more than a minute at a time. She was growing more and more frustrated. Recognizing how unsatisfied she was and what an ass he had become, I wiped the cuckold from my mind and went to work. We made love intensely for several minutes, until we both came. After doing my part, I hopped in the shower right around the corner from the bed. He continued trying to get off with my wife in any way possible. After showering for awhile, I peeked my head out of the shower door to see what was going on. She was lying across the bed on her back and he had mounted her head 69-style (but without putting his face to her pussy). That was the one moment of the night that I was genuinely aroused with him in the picture, only because the sight of his cock thrusting deep into her mouth as she laid there helplessly on her back was too nasty not to take note of. She was rubbing his ass with her fingers again while burying her nose in his balls, trying to stimulate something, anything on his behalf. I hopped out of the shower and dried off, which startled them both into stopping what they were doing. He drunkenly apologized for being incompetent and she rolled her eyes in disgust. Since that night, good old Ryan has been left off of speed dial.

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