Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The third Marty meeting

After the 2nd meeting with Marty in January, we kept quiet for a few months. We had great sex to ourselves, lots of hot homemade porn to watch, and new fantasies cropping up every day. We tried connecting with Marty a couple of times, but plans fell through. We went back to the swinger ads online, namely SLS, and found more of the same BS from many of the same couples. We’d make plans set in stone, schedule our lives around those plans, then get a text hours before we were to meet these new play partners saying that something came up. So we continued going out on the weekends, having a great time, then getting  a hotel room for just the 2 of us, where we’d fuck all night. It was becoming clear that the lifestyle was adding to our sex life, even when we were playing alone.

That being said, our kinky appetites needed to be fed. We hooked up with Marty again in April 2009. Again we had him meet us at our hotel room, skipping the drinks and dancing. Landa was ready to fuck and neither of us wanted to waste any time. When Marty texted that he was on his way over, a new urge came over me, something that I hadn’t planned on. I grabbed my cigarettes and told Landa that I was going to grab a smoke downstairs. I told her that Marty was on his way up and I’d be up shortly thereafter. She didn’t like the idea at all, but I really wanted to make myself scarce, at least for a few minutes, for no explainable reason. As I was walking down the long hallway to the elevator, I heard the elevator doors open. I quickly dodged into the vending area, hoping not to be seen. It was in fact Marty that had gotten off of the elevator. I could hear him talking on his cell, as he walked towards me. He was talking to his buddy, asking him if he was going to be able to make it, telling him how hot Landa was. We had texted briefly the day before about this buddy and I told Marty to invite him along. Unfortunately, the buddy didn’t show up. Anyway, Marty passed by without seeing me then knocked on the door, not knowing that only Landa stood on the other side. She answered the door and invited him in, explaining that I had left her there to get a smoke. Then the door shut. My gut told me to stand at the door listening, but I resisted. Reasoning told me to skip the smoke, forget the urge to leave them alone, and go back into the room, but I resisted that as well. I made my way to the elevator and outside for a long cigarette. My heart was racing with excitement, not knowing what was going on upstairs, not knowing what this black guy was doing with my wife alone. As I headed back upstairs, part of me wanted to run and part of me wanted to let as much time pass as was possible. I finally made it to the door and could hear Landa’s moans from the hallway. My level of arousal at that point was higher than it had ever been. That moment outside the door of my wife’s affair is the moment that I can definitely say with complete certainty that I realized that I was a cuckold, still not being familiar with the term.

Finally, I opened the door and found my beautiful bride lying spread eagle on the king sized bed with her legs in the air and Marty on top of and inside of her. They didn’t look up, they didn’t stop, they kept on fucking and it was the hottest thing I had ever seen. My cock was immediately at attention as I strolled passed them towards the video camera I had waiting on a tri-pod. At that point, Landa looked up with a surprised expression, but I waved her off, hoping that she’d ignore me. Marty continued pounding away at her for a minute or so, then rolled over and forced her mouth onto his cock. He fucked her face for awhile, then put her on all fours on the bed and mounted her bareback from behind. 

I noticed that he wasn’t fucking her though at that point. He was rubbing his bare dick up and down the crack of her ass over and over, as if to ask permission to enter. Without uttering a word, Landa used her body language to invite him into her cherry tight asshole. She stopped rocking back and forth and stuck her ass up high in the air, while Marty continued his persuasion. Having been the guy to take Landa’s anal cherry, I was surprised to see her offer her ass up to another man, especially a guy with a dick this size. But again, I was astounded by how ridiculously erotic, nasty, and arousing this was. My brain and my cock were on overload watching her willingly back her tiny ass up to his rock hard black cock. He carefully entered her butt, slipping just the tip into her as she moaned loudly. But Landa wasn’t having any of the careful bullshit, so she began riding his dick, rocking back and forth on her hands and knees. She was nearly crying in pain at one point, but still screeching with pleasure at the same time. It became too much for Marty to handle, so he began violently fucking her butt. She laid still during his anal assault and whimpered with painful pleasure. I could have cum a thousand times watching him violate her like that, stretching her nearly virgin ass while spanking her hard and talking dirty to her.

How he didn’t shoot his load inside of her ass at that point was beyond me. He has much greater control over how and when he cums than I do apparently. Once he finished abusing her asshole, he decided to use her mouth in equally nasty ways. She didn’t hesitate to take his cock directly from her ass down her throat. He laid on his back and held her head, forcing her to suck as deep and as long as possible. He’d get his dick into the back of her throat then tell her to stick her tongue out so she could lick his balls. He throat-fucked her for quite awhile, as I continued taking video. Watching her lips plummet down the length of his shaft was enough at that point for cum to start dripping from my own cock, even without touching it. It was the nastiest sex I had ever watched in person, hot enough to still make me cum when I think of what he did with my wife that night. Finally, he asked her if she wanted his cum and she grunted with a mouthful of black cock. He said, ‘Then go get it.’ And with that, she went into robo-blowjob mode, furiously sucking away with her head bobbing at record pace. It was clear that she wanted his jizz as much as he wanted to blast her with it. It didn’t take but a minute for him to start moaning loudly and pulsating. He held her head tightly as he jammed his dick into her mouth, pumping loads of cum down her throat. She swallowed as fast as she could, never moving or flinching, but his load was too big and too forceful for her to get it all. Cum was running down his cock and out of her mouth as she kept sucking and slurping. She sucked on his wet cock for awhile more, before finally retreating with a belly full of his cum. At that point, I could take no more. I pulled her towards the edge of the bed and Marty took her hair in his hand. It took just a few strokes of her tongue to get my cock gushing too. I filled her mouth with her 2nd load of cum. As I pulled away, she continued licking up both of our jizz from her hands. I took one last photo, then jumped into a hot shower. Marty jogged home at around 4AM that night, after helping me realize that I was indeed a cuck and after using my hotwife the way that I had fantasized about for a very long time.

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