Monday, January 30, 2012

We're still alive...

We've gotten many emails and texts over the last several months asking whether we were still alive, functioning, married, swinging, and/or cucking. The answer to all of those questions is yes. The last 8 or 9 months have been extremely hectic for us, but mostly in good ways. Miss Landa has been as naughty as ever since I posted last and I still have plenty of older hookups and gangbangs to catch you all up on too. So fret not, you'll have tons of Hotwife Landa in action ahead of you, in chronological order. I just need to finish editing the photos and polishing up the entries. I've had a few drafts near completion for months that I'll do my best to wrap up in the coming week or two. 

In other slut news, as of last year, Landa has made a habit out of meeting strange men for kinky, nasty sex all on her own, usually while I'm at work. I've willingly agreed to these new adventures, as long as she has cameras nearby. So stay tuned for those exciting stories coming soon. 

Also, Miss Landa officially applied to become a model just a few weeks ago. Upon application, there was a message telling her that since so many women apply night and day, she shouldn't expect a response at all. And if she were to get one, it might be months out. So we were very excited when she received an email from a talent scout asking her to become a 'Kink Live' model! We're still working out the details, but hopefully we can make the arrangements for her to participate in at least one shoot this year. We've both always fantasized about the idea of literally selling her ass to strangers, so we decided that this is the closest thing to making that nasty shared fantasy a reasonable, safe, and legal reality. 

Finally, I'd like to get some reader input again on this blog in general. I've thought about creating polls to find out what you guys (and gals) would most like to see from Hotwife Landa. If you have any kinky desires for her, special requests, or anything in general you'd like to ask or mention, please feel free to comment on the blog. We've had tens of thousands of views and very little feedback from the people cumming all over themselves to the thought and sight of my beautiful whore. So please, help us help you with the future of our 'content' and stay tuned for what's ahead...


  1. Great ass, great blog, congrats on the Kink thing. :)

  2. Love your telling of your life and your beautiful whore. You give great insight as to what it is like for you in the life style and what you gain from the experience. Landa is exceptionally gorgeous.