Sunday, April 13, 2014

BBC Kenny

By June of 2011, we took another chance on a net hookup and found Kenny the firefighter to bang my wife. The two of us spent the night bar hopping, then ended up back at our hotel room for some sexy photos. I had convinced Landa to set up her own solo profiles on sites like AFF, in order to make connections with guys directly. I made it clear how much I got off on the idea of her chatting with men all day and night without my help and setting up encounters alone. So that night, she posed for some pics to add to her new profiles.

Kenny arrived at the hotel on time and was a well built, cordial young black guy. He was much shorter than she expected and he talked a little too much, but once Landa took his dick in her mouth, they got down to business pretty well together.

They moved from the small couch to the bed, where Kenny spent quite awhile eating her pussy out. She moaned and groaned, writhing her crotch into his face for at least 20 minutes straight. She finally sat up and got his BBC back between her lips. He then put her onto her back and straddled her body in a 69. I love watching her get face fucked and one of the best ways to see it done is with a guy on top of her in a 69. It's something about the proximity of a man's ass to my princess' face, along with the sight of his ball sack shoved against her nose as he uses her mouth that really turns me on. She doesn't seem to mind it either.

After awhile of fucking her mouth, he rolled her over and mounted her bare from behind. He pumped her pussy hard from the rear and pulled her long, blonde hair. He pushed her onto her back and fucked her missionary for a long time and she started getting loud, panting and grimacing. He got her onto the floor at one point and plunged his cock back into her mouth for a bit. He ate her out, fucked her some more, then ended up using her head to get off with. He dumped a pretty decent load into her mouth and she slurped up every drop.

After trying to pose for some facial pics that didn't work, since she had eaten all of the evidence, I banged her for a few minutes and unloaded inside of her pussy. With my creampie flowing out of her, she and Kenny made out on the bed for several minutes. They both cleaned up separately, then Kenny took off. It wasn't a barn burner of a night, but we got a long awaited fix nonetheless. It was at this time that I really started keeping track of and getting off on the number of guys she had fucked since we got married. The number game was and still is a huge turn on for me. Kenny was #14.

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