Saturday, April 26, 2014

New miniskirt

These shots were taken in July of 2011. I picked this skirt out for Landa at a seedy little porn shop earlier in the day. I've always really gotten off on super short miniskirts. I love seeing the bottom of her ass peeking out, especially in public, but this one exceeded even my expectations of how slutty a skirt can be. It shows not only her sexy little ass, but her fat pussy as well.

She put her heavy duty nipple clamps on under her bra, sprinkled some edible, sparkly body powder on her pussy and ass, and emerged in this micro skirt to torture me in front of the camera for a bit.

Midway through her little parade, I tugged the chain connecting her clamps and ripped one from her nipple. I pushed her towards the bed and told her to re-attach it and spread her legs. I wanted to watch her play with herself for as long as I could stand it. 

She gently stroked her clit, fingered her cunt, and grabbed at her clamped tits, asking me to fuck her. So I stripped down and rolled her over on her stomach, pulling her ass into the air. I dove in face first and ate her out for quite awhile, before dipping my hard dick into her from behind. It was dripping wet, but still too tight. I prefer a looser hole to get off in, so I told her to finger bang herself some more and stretch her pussy out for me. She put a couple fingers from each of her hands up her pussy and pulled her lips apart as wide as she could, then slipped a finger up her asshole for good measure. Watching her open herself up with her face buried in the bedspread was an incredible turn on and too much to bear for long. I stood over her on the bed, tossed her arms to the side, and lowered my cock into her open target. I came a gushing load inside of her and asked her to find a place where I could see that skirt in public next time.

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