Sunday, November 2, 2014

House Party

It had been a little over a month since Landa had any new dick to ride, so we used the open weekend in late September 2011 to our advantage. Our vanilla plans had fallen through at the last minute, so we didn't have much time to arrange our evening. We ended up on SLS and Craigslist seeking some men to come to our house for the night. There were many flakes, as usual, but one BBC followed through. His name was Lamont and he drove nearly two hours to be the 16th new guy to fuck my wife since we were married. The other man to show up, David, was a married Latino man, who offered to bring his bisexual wife, Maria. This would be the second time Landa had sex with a woman, since we were together. David failed to mention that he wouldn't allow Maria to have sex with any other men until they arrived, however. Landa didn't like that very much and so she didn't play with David at all in return. Lamont and Maria would prove to bring enough fun for our little impromptu house party anyway. These are some pics we took for Landa's various online personal accounts, before her company arrived.

Lamont and the Mexican couple arrived at around the same time. We mixed some drinks in the kitchen and got to know each other for a few minutes, before heading back to the bedroom to get naked. The girls felt each other up and made out at first, then stripped each other naked on the bed. Landa took a minute to take all of Lamont's clothes off, put him on the bed on his back, and sit on his face for awhile, as she continued going at Maria's tits and mouth.

Lamont got to his feet and positioned himself behind Landa, so that he could get his black dick wet. Maria laid down on the bed and Landa started eating her fat pussy out, while Lamont was fucking her bareback doggystyle. David stuck his dick in his wife's mouth for a bit and made her lick his sack. He continually tried getting close to Landa, but she hilariously called him out for being a prude again and again, while ignoring his advances. It was pretty hot watching Landa get her nose buried in a woman's crotch again, though, so I didn't care much either way about what her husband was willing to let her do.

The girls spent the next hour or more trading oral with each other, while the 3 of us stood around with our hard dicks in our hands, trying not to cum all over the place. One of the women would cum a dozen times, then trade spots on the bed so the other could cum another dozen times. They licked, sucked, moaned, and squirted in their own little world together, till David finally came all over Maria's face. They cleaned up, said thanks, and headed home, leaving Landa to focus on the BBC in the room the rest of the night.

After the couple left, Lamont took out his pent up frustration on Landa's pussy. He put her naked body on the bedroom floor, perched on her elbows and knees, and pulled her pussy up high in the air. He lowered his bare dick into her with long, deep strokes as she moaned loudly. He spanked her ass over and over, leaving large red handprints all over it. After a few minutes, he pulled her onto the bed with him, so she could suck his cock for what seemed like hours. She slurped and drooled all night with Lamont on his back, intentionally backing off when he got too excited. He'd grab the back of her bobbing head with both hands after a few minutes of getting worked over, forcing his dick into the back of her throat. She'd allow it for just a couple of thrusts, but then stop abruptly, edging him forever.

Lamont got tired of being tortured and pulled Landa on top of him, so she was riding him. He turned her around into reverse cowgirl for a bit, then had her face him again. He jack hammered away at her pussy with his bare cock for quite awhile on his back, as I got naked and jerked at my own dick while enjoying the show.

Lamont then rolled Landa onto her back, so that he could fuck her missionary and finish himself off. Her legs flailed wildly in the air, as he threw his body weight down onto her pussy with every thrust. They kissed a little, as she held onto him as well as she could. At his very last moment, Lamont pulled his cock out and dumped a huge load all over her pussy and stomach. She left the pile of cum on her, as I took a taste of her freshly fucked cunt, before fucking her in the same position Lamont left her in. I could only last about a minute inside of her, before orgasming hard. I rained a monster load of jizz all over her chest and face, adding to her already nice collection. As I reached for my camera, Lamont stood over her on the bed and drizzled another small wad into her eye. The two of them showered together, made out a bit longer, and made plans to see each other again.