Monday, November 10, 2014


In October of 2011, we made plans to check out a local club called Trino's, which was rumored to cater to swingers seeking black men. It was a dank little spot in an old suburban strip mall, but it was packed full of scandalous people. Landa wore a short, black dress with a neck line that made a long 'V' to her abdomen. She didn't wear a bra, so each side of the 'V' in her dress barely covered each nipple and the rest of her chest was exposed. She also wore a very long necklace, some sexy heels, and an anklet. She definitely looked available to everyone at the club, as we walked through the front door.

After a few drinks, I encouraged Landa to spend some time on the dance floor alone and she was quickly surrounded by a half dozen black men trying to make their impressions. There was no on-site action allowed, however, so we quickly grew bored. She led me to the men's restroom and accompanied me inside, amidst a handful of other men who smiled and laughed at the site of a scantily clad blonde in the club's men's room. We locked ourselves in the only stall, where she sucked my cock on her knees for a few minutes. There were a few knocks on the door that I desperately wanted her to answer, but she gave me a look of death each time I motioned towards the lock, because she didn't feel confident enough that we wouldn't end up in some trouble. I had to wrestle my dick away from her, so that I wouldn't cum all over her in the toilet, before escorting her back out of the bathroom and into the club.

We had a few more drinks and packed up for the hotel room we had reserved around the corner. As we were in the parking lot, some women asked if we wanted to join them and their black boyfriends for the night. We offered our room number and got into our waiting taxi. We arrived at the same time as them, so the three women and four men followed us to our room. Two of the women were not attractive to either of us at all, but the other was a sexy, mature MILF with nice fake tits and a slutty outfit. Her boyfriend was an ex-cop from Oakland in his mid-50's, built like a linebacker. Our guests quickly got busy on our bed, as Landa and I were busy talking to the only couple that piqued our interest. The ex-cop guided Landa by the hand inside off of the hotel room patio and told her to get on her knees to suck one of the black stranger's dicks. She obliged happily and it made me hard in an instant. She came back out to the patio and resumed conversation, telling me that the other women inside were kind of ruining her mood (these were seriously unattractive women). So we waited for them to trickle out of the room, which they did after an hour or so, and leave us alone with the only couple of our choice.

This couple had been together for about two years and had just gotten into swinging the last year. The ex-cop (I don't recall either of their names) liked to talk way too much, however, and the vibe with him got weird in a hurry. The woman was a friendly and kinky school teacher though and she made both of us very horny. The girls talked and kissed for a bit, then played with each other's tits. It was the stuff of my teenage dreams, watching this well endowed and good looking teacher, 20+ years older than us, making out with my own sexy girl. The guy stopped them, however, and wanted to talk about how each of them felt about lesbian sex, bondage, orgies, and so on. He interrupted their hot play so that he could conduct personal interviews with each of them. I rolled my eyes, wishing he would shut the fuck up and let them go at it, but he relented. It seemed like he was getting off on asserting control over every minute of the play, trying to direct the action, which was annoying to all three of us.

So after nearly an hour of listening to this guy drone on about his experiences and his fantasies, he blurted out that the two of them had a seriously kinky fetish. They liked to piss on each other. He said they'd make a big deal out of it, drinking tons of water, spreading tarps out in their house, and focusing on watersports as the primary means of getting off with each other from time to time. I didn't mind this new topic of discussion, but it turned Landa off immediately and she couldn't regain her desire to play with either of them. There are few things that my wife is prudish about, but that's one of them (at this point, anyway). I realized right away how uninterested she had become, so I redirected the conversation to the late hour and how much we had to get done the following day. They left their phone number and email address, which we never used, and they hit the road.

By that time, I was pretty drunk and sexually frustrated. I stripped Landa down on the bed and whipped her ass with my hand and then a small paddle. I slapped her tits around a little, before rolling her over and pulling her rear up into the air. I spit on my dick and shoved it up her ass hard. She whimpered with her face buried in the bedspread, as I stood on the mattress on top of her, knees bent, with my cock bludgeoning her asshole. I roughly fucked her tight little butt for a few minutes before unloading inside of it. She cleaned my cock off with her mouth and then we went to bed, wondering what the hell had just happened with our evening.


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