Wednesday, February 11, 2015

AFF hookup

About a week after returning from San Francisco, Landa had finally found a guy through AFF that she was willing to meet completely alone. He was a 22 year old white kid named Brandon that she had messaged back and forth with for nearly a month. They agreed to meet at a local Starbuck's to grab a cup of coffee and talk in person. I had agreed to stay at work during this rendezvous, which was surprisingly nerve racking for me, but especially exciting.

According to Landa, they spoke for less than 5 minutes before deciding to move from the coffee shop to a small public bench around the corner. They made out there for a bit with some mild high school fondling. They got themselves worked up quickly then headed for their cars. He followed her to our house to carry on privately. She set the camera up for me (my only stipulation), got naked, and laid on our bed waiting to get fucked. He became the 17th new guy to nail my wife when he pounded her pussy from every angle in that room. Unfortunately, there aren't any pics from this encounter, but I've edited and uploaded the clips to our online store for those who might want a fuller experience.

You can download it here: