Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Handcuffed anal

These photos were taken at the beginning of 2012. She wore a completely transparent lace shirt out at a bar earlier in the night, which turned me on to a new level. The slutty mini skirt helped too, but seeing her tits casually exposed in public drove me insane.

I started snapping photos of her in the hallway and slowly got her undressed. After feeding her another drink, I put her on her knees, so I could fuck her mouth for the camera.

After another drink, I cuffed her hands and told her to spread her ass for me. I swatted it with my hands till it was nice and red. She bent over and told me to fuck her butt, so I didn't hesitate. I slammed my dick in her dry ass and didn't stop until I had filled it with cum. Enjoy..