Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Landa meets another young guy from AFF

Just over a month had passed since Landa made her first date alone in late 2011. This time, she wanted me there, but was still excited to find a guy on her own. This kid's name was Mike. He was only 20 years old and would become the 18th guy to fuck my wife since she and I exchanged wedding vows. He was a gangly, awkward guy with an unimpressive cock. Apparently, the pictures he sent were taken in a hell of a light, because she was thoroughly disappointed when he got naked. Sometimes, though, it's even more of a turn on to watch her bang a guy that I know she's not really attracted to. Revealing her inherent slutiness is, after all, the key to my enjoyment in all of this.

Earlier that night, we had a few drinks at a local bar, then checked into a sleazy hotel nearby. Landa had just sheared her hair off and curled it for the first time in a very long time for the occasion. Mike arrived around midnight looking like a wanna be 90's grunge kid. He was nervous, but very ready to get his dick wet. Landa was in a super short and low cut black mini dress, sexy black lace stockings, and her skanky black hooker boots.

She got naked nearly immediately and laid on her back on the hotel bed, inviting Mike to fuck her pussy bareback. He stripped down, laid on top of her, made out a bit, then slipped his cock inside of her. He rolled her over and let her suck on him for a bit, then went at her from behind. I fucked her as she sucked him too for a short while, because I could tell that she wasn't getting much satisfaction from his relatively small dick. He ended up blowing a load all over her face and tits within just a few minutes of starting the action, but he was young and excited enough to keep going.

I took an opportunity to show him how my wife prefers to give head. I grabbed a handful of hair and wrapped my other hand around her throat, then buried my dick in her face. I fucked her mouth hard, as she slurped and sucked with fervor. Mike seemed surprised that Landa seemed to actually enjoy taking dick like that and quickly tried it out on her himself.

We played around a bit longer, taking turns using her mouth, before Mike stuck it back in her sopping wet pussy. He fucked her bare in any position imaginable, before exploding in orgasm all over her stomach. She mopped the second mess up, gave him a kiss goodbye, and continued working on me. I filled her throat with cum not long after Mike left and we called it a night.


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