Tuesday, July 28, 2015


It was May of 2012 and we had a free night on short notice, so we grabbed a shitty hotel room and went out for drinks. Landa wore a black bra that showed through the trashy, tight white tank top she had on over it. She completed the look with a short, black leather mini-skirt with zippers across the front and a slutty pair of black heels.

While we were out, she took some time to play pool with a group of men at a dive bar. Since none of them felt comfortable staring at her for longer than a second at a time, I took the opportunity to scout the local listings on my phone for some cock for her to play with. Among the several responses, only one could commit to showing up to our hotel within the hour. So we headed back to the room and fucked for a bit, waiting for her date to arrive. He was European, though I can't recall from where exactly. He called from the parking lot to announce his arrival. She took her skirt off and met him down the hallway of the hotel in her panties and heels, escorting him back to our dingy little room. He would become the 22nd man to enter my wife, since we married.

There was very little small talk. They kissed for a minute, then stripped some clothes. She laid on her back on one of the beds and he took a long taste of her freshly fucked pussy. He sat up in front of her, stroked his dick for a second, then buried it into her mound bareback. She whimpered and moaned, as his big hairy balls slapped her ass.

He rolled over, cradling her up and on top of him, without taking his dick out of her. She rode him cowgirl style, as he pulled her top off, leaving her completely naked above him. She clamped onto his cock, grinding and rocking slowly and with purpose. After just a minute or two, he pulled her ass up off of him in a hurry and then he froze. I watched as his cum trickled out of her pussy. He held his cock away from her very briefly as his jizz continued pumping out and down his shaft. He wiped it off with his hand, then shoved his still rock hard dick back into her. This would be the first time I would get to witness my wife take a real creampie, regardless of how unintentional it was. I could have shot cum all over the room at that point, but I contained my pleasure and focused on the camera work.

After #22 finished pumping her pussy raw on the bed, he told her to get on her knees on the floor. He took her by the head with both hands and pounded the back of her throat with his cock over and over. Finding nearly zero gag reflex at the end of my wife's mouth seemed to irritate him after a bit, so he thrusted harder and held it in deeper, until he started to cum again. He pulled out from her tonsils right away and didn't leak a whole lot, but it was amazing to watch a guy lose a load twice and keep going without missing a beat. He buried it in her face again, trying one last time to make her choke on his cock, until finally giving in.

He pulled her to her feet and bent her over the bed, so he could fuck her bareback doggy style. He pushed her up onto the bed on all fours and continued hammering away at her. He slapped her ass a few times and called her a whore, much to her delight.

He pulled out of her used up hole, rocked back onto his knees, and yanked her head onto his lap to finish the job. She furiously started sucking and stroking him, desperate for another taste. He didn't disappoint and unloaded inside of her mouth, as she greedily slurped up every drop. She kept sucking and sucking until he finally had to push her off him to quit. They hugged and laughed, then he got dressed and quickly left.

She laid down on the bed and spread her legs wide, smiling at me. I had another shot of Crown and dug a rope and some zip ties from my bag. I sat her up and drunkenly wrapped her hands together with the rope. I told her that since she didn't gag for him that she would gag for me and that I didn't want her hands getting in the way. I cinched a narrow zip tie down onto her left tit, just to make her feel like a piece of fuck meat. It worked.

I put her on her back and pulled her head around so it was hanging off of the bed. I sank my throbbing cock into her upside down mouth and buried it until my balls were smacking her nose. I used another zip tie to whip her pussy, before leaning in to eat her out in a 69. I reached a hand through my own legs to cup the back of her head, forcing it up onto my dick rapidly. I started to cum so I quickly pulled out for a moment to collect myself. I gently eased my cock to her lips but immediately lost control. I couldn't wait to cum anymore and I wasn't going to let her get away with not gagging on it. I jabbed into the back of her face, still upside down and dangling over the edge of the bed, then held it tightly to the base of my dick with both hands. As I locked her head between my legs and clutched tightly with both of my hands, I released. Cum gushed out of me in gallons with more force than she was prepared for. She began choking on the massive volume of semen that had nowhere to go in the very back of her throat, until finally it literally poured out of her nose. She gasped and snorted and swallowed the rest, as she turned to the side for a moment. I took a few pictures of her upside down with my jizz drying on her face, then pulled her back onto the bed, before collapsing next to her for the rest of the night.

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