Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Last of 2012

The pictures from this Summer night in 2012 don't include any hung strangers using my wife, but they are the last set of nudes I took that year. We moved again and I ended up with pneumonia that Fall, so we took a break from our fun. It would actually be more than a year until we'd get back into the full swing of things, but 2013 would end up being our most thrilling year of sex yet. So definitely stay tuned for those stories.

So, here are the last pics from 2012. Even though they are solo pics, this is still one of my favorite sets. She looks undeniably skanky in these shots, which turns me on a lot. She's not done up, she's a little sweaty, and her tits look a little sagged. I really like the fantasy of my wife being a cheap whore and these pictures capture that look perfectly. The creampie finish is a nice touch too. Enjoy.